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Trading with the Russian Federation – certificate you definitely need to be familiar with before

The advantages of the Russian Federation commerce are quite known. In a background of general economic growth, also favored by the action of legislatorian and regulatory reform, the occurrence of high national demand growth has to cope with the limits of the present Russian manufacture structure, appearing in big possibilities for industries in other countries keen to meet Russian request, both consumer and instrumental goods.

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The regulatory structure in Russia is very diverse from the European background in which we are used to operating with agility. If the convention of reciprocal recognition in the EC market is obligatory and compulsory certificate, which is only requested for certain hazardous or high-risk goods in Russia, majority of the items destined for marketing on the domestic markets of the federation must be certified to confirm product conformity to Russian domestic specifications. As the verification of foreign goods is not precisely the duty of the customs authorities, they are narrowed to controlling the existence and validity of the documents confirming the properties of the foreign products.

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The main evidence is the certificate of compliance promulgated under the mandatory GOST Certification System.

Hej, sprawdź to european patent attorney, jeśli do tej pory nie dotarła do Ciebie wiadomość o tej niesamowitej stronie a przekonasz się, że okaże się ona dla Ciebie bardzo użyteczna.


This national certification policy has been established to protect public health and ensure the safety and quality of imported goods that have overwhelmed the national markets of former USSRs.

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