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How to prepare an elegant and durable building elevation?

Refit of the outer elevation is usually a real task. Not only weather circumstances should be taken into account, but also the appearance is important. How to reconcile these pair of factors and which method to apply to obtain it?

Firstly, the material applied ought to be resistant to the ultraviolet radiation, because it is exposed to the sun’s rays.

Next, it needs to be hydrophobic so there will be no necessity to wash it of dirt. All these aspects are achieved while using silicone render. Due to its great resistance to another climate conditions (heat, humidity) it is usually used as an outermost, finishing coat on the external surfaces. Its thickness is usually just a few millimetres. Big benefit of this product is its permeability, which staves off the humidity condensation inside.

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Furthermore, the coat will not crack thus it is durable for years. In addition to all technical aspects, silicone render has also good look as a finishing layer. It is available in different tints, so everyone can find a proper one. Another useful feature is that it does not need to be painted after drying, because it has a pigment included. UV resistance guarantees the long longevity of the colour – it will not fade.

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silicone render
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Using this sort of material is easy and ensures that the effect will be gratifying. It will play a decorative role as well as serve a protecting task.

Of course, it is important to prepare the wall before covering it with this kind of render. This will assure the appropriate adhesion and the durability of the outer plaster.

Posted by Administrator on 2017-11-17 12:00:16
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